Learn the 3 Steps to Becoming a Confident and Profitable Coach

with Hina Khan Live

Peak Performance Mindset Coach and former Psychotherapist

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Who is this for?


- If you want to start your own coaching practice but don't know how

- Coaches who want to uplevel their coaching and attract more dream clients

- Leaders who want to manage and coach their teams better


In this Masterclass you will learn:


1) How to get your clients life-changing results and grow your business through referrals 

2) The secret to selling your coaching services effortlessly

3) How to stand out in a sea of coaches

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Meet Your Mastermind Coach

Hina Khan is a Peak Performance Mindset Coach and former Psychotherapist. She has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs overcome their hurdles with her tailored coaching methods.

Hina has expanded her expertise to provide a targeted solution to businesses working through difficult situations. Hina has been a student of the mind and will help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you get the results you want.